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Hardcore Superstar

17 Responses to New Dates

  1. Gbg says:

    Kom till Göteborg!!

  2. errki says:

    kom till göteborg de är ju endå eran hemstad:D bäst är ni <3 D:

  3. Bbfan says:

    Why in tour dates is 1.08 on woodstock in Warsaw???

    Woodstock is in Kostrzym and HCSS plays 2.08 !

  4. Bbfan says:


    19.40-20.40 HARDCORE SUPERSTAR

  5. Davee30 says:

    dude you guys need to come to the usa

  6. Planetdejavu says:

    Hey Guys,
    Why no dates in England?  Please, please you have to play at least one headline date in London.

  7. BBFAN says:


  8. Arkam46 says:

    Luxembourg man!!!! You have to come in Luxembourg!!

  9. Rockandpizz says:

    come to drink a good beer at home after the show !!!

  10. Elektrikgypsy says:

    When do you come to Falkoping??? may 31rd or june 1st??

  11. ComeToTheUS says:

    Why no dates in the U.S.? Will there ever be a U.S. tour? How bout a U.S. tour with Hardcore Superstar, Crashdiet, Crazy Lixx, Chris Laney, Reckless Love, Hell In The Club, Sister Sin, Gemini Five, Bai Bang and/or any of the other many kick ass bands that rarely ever come to the U.S. Maybe if a few of those bands teamed up, they could do a small U.S. tour hitting the major cities and see how it goes. Not sure if it would be a money maker or not, but it sure would kick some major ass.

    • sarah says:

      Crashdiet will be in la in august at the whiskey. and I agree with this post %100 Harcore Superstar needs to come to the U.S. ASAP

  12. Euclides Fernandes Filho says:

    Hey guys,
    Why did you give up of Brazil tour (or at least one show).
    You have lots of funs here! More than in US. Hey don’t forget us. I planning go to Sweden next year to see you performing.
    Love your songs guys!

    from Brazil.

  13. Botorp says:

    Fan vad tråkigt att det inte blev nån spelning i Falköping. Du får krya på dig Jocke.

  14. Stevirox says:

    Obviously its the cost of getting to places like the US & Brazil to do tours. HS are not a massive band, although they should be, & are one of my faves, I’ve been lucky enough to see them on every UK tour & look forward to seeing them again in the future ;-)

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