Six new dates have been confirmed

2 in Sweden , 1 in Finlnand and 3 in Italy.

Check it out

Hardcore superstar

  • Shirl Bass

    Still no USA dates, oh bummer, but I do understand! ~♥~ Peace L♥ve BASS 9: from Seattle ~♥~

  • Babsbibl

    greece is still waiting…….

  • Luana Vinante

    Fuuuuck, I will definitely be in Roncade! You are my favourite band and it will be the first HCSS concert for me :) Can’t wait! 

    See ya the 3rd March <3

  • Martyna Sta

    poland waiting for  you!! hope you will come!!

  • Silvana

    Australia is waiting for you, Hardcore style!

  • Ilaria

    Why not in Rome? Some places are too difficult to get to! Anyway i’ll be there in some fuckin way :D

  • Fredy Leumann

    I would like to order tickets for the concert in Romagnano Sesia, the link was notfunctioning well. How do I get tickets to Switzerland?

  • Massimiliano Morra

    I’m goin’ to see you for the 3rd time guys and I cannot stop to come to your shows every fuckin’ time that you come in Italy! Ahahah see ya in Cesena, Rock On! :D  

  • Aless

    great !!!!!!  …… to the Gods of Metal !!!!!! Really Great Guys !!!!!!!!  By Ales from Italy

    • Aless

      PS: I’ll see you in 10 days at Romagnano Sesia  for a great concert. Hold on !!!!

  • Dohlasso

    You’re really should come in France, we are waiting for you!!!
    CCO at Lyon or Le FIL at Saint Etienne

  • Juan Manuel Graña

      You guys must come to Argentina. We are fuckin’ waiting for you to come and rock our asses off motherfuckers!! We are loads of fans. HERE IN ARGENTINA WE DON’T CELEBRATE FUCKIN’ SUNDAYS !!!!!!  

  • Parentissimo

    I follow you guys since 2000. The first time you came in Roma in 2003 was one of the best days of my life. Me, Jocke and Gemini 5 all together visiting Rome and taking pictures in front of the Colosseum. Your music changed my life. I really thank you Hardcore Superstar. We will see very soon in Cesena. I can’t hardly wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Micaelvfa

    BRAZIL    ?  =/

  • HCSSclubFerrara

    HY gUYS, TONIGHT we will be there for sure….see ya in Roncade bud,,,,fuuucckkk … Passe Eros Sobrio and.. MUSA right in the parterre only for you motherfucka….try to let us have fun….. YeaHHHHHH

  • Dirk Stout

    and a shitload of dates in the United States right?  You forgot to put that, lol