Since I don’t like flying, I took the tour buss with Katana down to Spain.
The drivers had to take a longer break after a day and we ended up spending it in Paris, walking around for 10 hours which was awesome.
We got thirsty after a while so a beer or two was in order.

The bus picked up the band and the rest of the crew at the airport the next day and we continued to Spain.

The first gig was in La Coruna and the venue was literally on the beach. I think I’ll add the beach on the rider in the future.
The gig was a nightmare however. The lights at the club were the worst. They pointed at my face during the whole gig and i could not see shit.

Next was in Gijon and was way better, both the crowd and the venue. I actually saw the guitar this time.

The next day i had one of the worst hang overs in my life. The last thing i remember from the party was listening to Hate Song and ending up on the table with my shirt off. After that it all went black.

We played the same venue in Madrid as we did the last time we were there, but this time the crowd had doubled compared to the last time.
That was the only reason why the gig turned out to be the best on tour, cuz I was in a really bad shape before the gig.

Valencia and Barcelona venues were really cool. We were joined by fans from Sweden, Italy and Germany. Really nice to see familiar faces in the crowd.

Vic Zino

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4 Responses to Spain

  1. Alexandrahelgegren says:

    Ska bli kul att se er live på p&l, bara sett och hört er på ett flygplan på väg till Helsingfors!;)

  2. Patri says:

    Me quedé encantada con el concierto en La Coruña, hasta conseguí un autógrafo, lo pasé genial!! 
    I love u, Jocke :) 

  3. David Asensi says:

    Mas fotos del conciertazo de Valencia en mi álbum de facebook, espero que os gusten…

  4. Miriam says:

    Deseo que volvais :3 Me lo pasé genial en vuestro concierto en Barcelona, fue genial, y no esperaba menos, me encantó. <3