Hi boys and girls, sorry for not blogging that much the last few week but i’ve been busy and really lazy to be honest, but here comes some stuff that I have been up to.
We had a preproduction before we got on the road to check if all the equipment was ok and stuff like that. We rehearsed for a week and signed loads of pre ordered cd’s and vinyl’s.
We performed Moonshine and Run to your mama on Swedish tv. Jocke did the ballad with Jona from H.E.A.T on the keyboard.
We did 2 garage shows, one in Stockholm and one in Malmö. That was kind of cool, and was a good warm up before the show later that evening.
The show in Helsingborg was crazy, The Tivoli is one my favorite places to play at in Sweden.
During My good reputation the Fire alarm went of and the security had to get all the ppl out of the venue, we hid in Avatars trailer during the break. After 30 min we got to go back in and finish the show.
We were awarded a gold and platinum record for the Moonshine single witch is really cool.
Last weekend we played at Nöjesfabriken in Karlstad, and Jocke had been sick for a whole week, so we knew that he was goin’ to have a hard time singing that evening. It got so bad that during Moonshine he had to go of stage to puke his guts out.
After the show we decided that it was best for Jocke and us to postponed the show we had the next day in Varberg. The new date is  5/1 2012. Check out http://varberg.ebiljett.nu/Home/tickets/745/False

Vic Zino

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5 Responses to Lazy bastard

  1. H says:

    Glamoröst o härligt! :D

  2. Alex Lehnert says:

    hi vic :-)…thank you for showing us where our flag is…cheers alex

  3. Therése says:

    Hej Vic! Jag gillar verkligen din blogg. :-)

  4. Therése says:

    Stackars Jocke! :( 

  5. Oh too bad for Jocke… hope everything is fine with all of you now!
    Btw I hope you keep the flag I gave it to you guys in Japan as this German one X(