Before we moved on to Italy we hade a gig in Mora Sweden. It was one of those event things.
We arrived to a 20° weather Italy and the summer feeling was back. After a while the guys in Sister showed up. They turned out to be really cool ppl. All three gigs were great and the crowd was even better. Thanx to all that came out to see us.
I played on rented gear. You never know if the company are going to get the amps that you want but I was not disappointed. There were 2 jcm 800 Zakk Wylde 100W heads and 4 cabs waiting for me. You can’t go wrong with Marshall.
I actually bought a new amp and a new guitar, but more on that in a later blog. We did something that hcss never did before, we opened all three Italy gigs with ”Someone special” and the crowd loved it.

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4 Responses to Italy

  1. ANON says:

     Thanks for the pics and update Vic,
     Nice stack of Marshalls!

     Off to listen to ‘Someone Special’ now : )

  2. I was in Roncade and you passed me your beer from the stage :D 

    It has been great, even if I could hardly breath! 
    Thank you guys, see ya at Gods Of Metal in June!
    I love you. 

  3. Alexis Selene Valentine says:

    You was awsome in Italy <3

  4. Captainwolf says:

    hi guys, i was in roncade ( not runkade…) and it was very very special for me and my friends thank you so much
    (I hope you received the t-shirt that I’ve made for you with hardcore superstar’s logo in green white red in front,the italian flag colours, and yours name on the back…)
    bye we will see at gods of metal ciao